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Grey Hair

Mixture of normally pigmented hair interspersed with white hair is called grey hair. Hair turns white or grey when hair pigmentation cells are not produced in the body. Hair gets its color from Melanin pigment. Melanin formation starts before birth. Natural hair color depends on the type, amount and distribution of Melanin. Hair contains 2 types of Melanin i.e. dark and light. These both blend together to form wider range of natural hair shades that vary per person.

Melanin deficiency may be because of high production of Hydrogen Peroxide in the body. Hydrogen Peroxide is naturally produced in the body in required amount and it is neutralized by Catalase enzyme. If it is produced in excessive amount it may damage Melanin which leads to grey hair. So basically, Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a bleaching tool for hair. Its amount increases with age that’s why at older age it starts turning hair color into grey and then white.

Anti Gray Hair Assist In Restoring Natural Hair Color

Causes of grey hair

Usually, hair greying is a natural process because as age increase Melanin pigment starts decreasing. Older body is not capable to synthesize enough amount of Melanin. So, grey hair after the age of 40 is a natural phenomenon. But premature grey hair especially in children, teenagers and young people is because of different reasons.

Common reasons for premature grey hair are:

  • Genetic defects
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Melanin distribution
  • Chemical exposure
  • Climate
  • Toxins and pollutants
  • Vitamin deficiencies like vitamin B12, C and E

 GateAwayGrey product review


Get Away Grey Review

Get away grey is a popular hair care product for grey hair. It is a natural product available in form of pills. These are multivitamin pills formed of Catalase, vitamins, plants and herbs, minerals. Each ingredient has unique benefit for hair. It has the capability to prevent grey hair and can treat grey hair to bring back the natural hair color. This product constitutes vitamins and natural herbs that can reverse grey hair. Studies show that anti grey vitamins works in a natural way.

This product is mainly based on enzyme Catalase that prevents the occurrence of grey hair and diminishes the effect of age on hair. Get away grey has the efficiency to recover Catalase enzyme and significantly reverse grey hair process. Now, there is no need to use hard chemicals to color grey hair because this product can cover and stop grey hair in a natural way.


How it works

Get Away Grey contain natural ingredients which first of all boost Catalase enzyme. It is based on the research of University of Bradford about the catalase enzyme effectiveness on grey hair treatment. Catalase is responsible for grey hair. Human body produces Hydrogen Peroxide naturally and it is the main culprit for grey hair. GetAwayGrey bottleMelanin gives the pigment to hair and Hydrogen Peroxide break down the Melanin. Catalase possesses unique capacity to break down Hydrogen Peroxide.

If, Catalase is not produced in enough amounts then Hydrogen Peroxide starts bleaching the hair to grey. This product has a powerful concentration of Catalase. Restoration of Catalase is enhanced by get away grey and it makes the hair to restore their natural colour and gives healthy and shiny hair. It treats the previously turned grey hair from root which is most important. It neutralises the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in the body.



Vitamin and minerals present in GetAwayGrey prevent premature greying of hair. Some stress releasing ingredients are involved because stress can be a reason of grey hair.

  • Catalase: 5000 IU catalase enzyme is most important component of this product. Couple of scientific studies noticed that it has ability to neutralise hydrogen peroxide. Catalase levels starts decreasing as the age of person increase. So catalase enzyme is necessary to protect hair cells from damage caused by hydrogen peroxide.
  • Zinc oxide: Zinc has great ability to improve the health of hair. It prevents thinning of hair and hair loss. It may help in restoration of natural hair color.
  • Copper: It increases melanin production which stops grey hair. It is helpful in hair loss.
  • Pantothenic acid: It promotes healthy hair and skin. It maintains the natural hair color.
  • Horsetail: This ingredient is common in most hair loss products. It detoxifies the body and help in hydrogen peroxide breakdown process. Its potential benefits are healthy scalp, stronger roots, hair moisture and shine.
  • Paba: It restores natural hair color and prevents premature greying of hair.
  • Saw palmetto: This herb is a DHT inhibitor and that’s why present in many hair loss products. It prevents and treats hair loss problems.
  • Plant sterols: These are soy derivatives and improve hair growth. It is beneficial for those who have grey hair because of high stress.
  • Chlorophyll: It is used in plant photosynthesis but it can also prevent hair greying. It encourages the process of formation of healthy cells and release of chemical toxins in body.
  • Vitamin B6: It promotes melanin in the body. It encourages metabolism process to improve hair growth.
  • Folic acid: It is beneficial for thicker and fuller hair. It helps in cellular functions and repair hair damage.
  • Biotin: Enough amount of biotin in the body contributes to thicker hair and prevents hair color loss.
  • Barley grass: It is a wheat derivative. It contains antioxidants that protect hair cells from toxins. It also stops premature greying process.
  • Fo Ti: It is a Chinese herb that avoids hair loss and restores natural color of hair effectively. It improves circulation.
  • Nettle root extract: It inhibits DHT hormone production and thus prevent hair loss. It aids in regrowth of hair and natural color restoration process of hair.
  • Para-amino benzoic acid: It is helpful to prevent pigment loss and grey hair.
  • L-Tyrosine: It is beneficial in stress conditions and enhances pigmentation to product hair from turning grey.



These are not miracle pills, so you will not get overnight results. To get noticeable result, it is necessary to take this supplement at least for 3 months. Most effective results can be seen after 6 months. Usually, the results of any natural supplement vary per person as per the current levels of catalase in the body, root cause of grey hair, hair growth and use of supplement properly. Results are not same for every person. It varies person to person. Some people may notice effectiveness after just 1 month, after 3 months or after 6 months. So we can not exactly say that it works similarly for every individual.

Side effects:

As mentioned above all ingredients are natural so there is no threat of serious side effects. None of the ingredient is harmful for health of body. Heart patients may experience fast heart beat because of Vitamin 6. It is best to consult your doctor before taking this supplement. Pregnant women should not take this. Some people with previous health issues may have little side effects. Soy and wheat allergic people should not take it. Otherwise, it is safe with rare and little side effects.


Most of the people even youngsters are facing grey hair problems. There are numerous remedies like hair colours and medical treatments etc. people spend a lot of money to get rid of grey hair or to cover them. But still many people are not getting desired results. GetAwayGrey is a natural solution for all grey hair problems. It not just covers the grey hair but also prevents and stops it. It doesn’t contain harsh and toxic chemicals.

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