Long Tail Pro Review & Discount Coupon Code

Long Tail Pro Review

With the rising trend of digital marketing and more and more customers attracting towards easy buying options through the internet, offering services on an online platform has become imperative for every business. Search Engine Optimization is the most sought after thing for every organisation to run it virtually.

However, becoming a master in Search Engine Optimization needs the right, rather the perfect use of the keywords (words that lead the users to search any company over the internet). The company must have a clear picture of what exactly the customer would have in his mind while searching for the services they offer.

There is much software that enables effective search engine optimization and increase the chances of the Companies to be the first name flashing in the search results of any browser. One such effectual tool that has lately become the first choice of the digital marketers is Long Tail Pro. It has always been the first choice and with the recent Long Tail Pro, Discounts announced by the Owners it had become the most desired software of all time. If you are still not dealing with this fantastic tool of SEO, here is everything you must know about Long Tail Pro:

Keyword Competitiveness with a Single Number

Long Tail Pro; The tool for best keyword research

Long tail pro is an imperative tool to be used by every digital marketer. Launched in the year 2011, Long Tail Pro is the software used by over 70000 marketers across the globe. It is the most battled software for detailed keyword research and enables a company to know the ranking of its website for the target keywords.

It has a very user-friendly interface which offers the users a detailed report on all the possible keywords to focus. Here are a few things that Long Tail Pro is renowned for:

  • It helps in conducting a proper keyword research.
  • Finding high traffic and low competition keywords with ease.
  • It is useful in finding easy ranking for the keywords in the competitive niches.
  • It helps in searching the entire range of the buyer keywords in a particular niche
  • Analyzing the top 10 results to gauge competition.

How does it work?

Long Tail Pro brings in all the information on the search for keywords regarding the term you enter. It is one of the much software for keyword research, but its ability to deliver many different keywords in a single search result makes it better than the rest. You do not have to search for every keyword individually, just plug in your seed keywords and all is set to go on.

Getting Started:

You need to download the software from the Company’s website and install it on your computer device. Once open, you will find the “Find Keywords” tab on the top left of the screen.

Just add the seed keywords along with a sentence about your niche and you have an entire range of keywords for your use. You can add filters to the search for making it more relevant.

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Long Tail Pro Subscription:

Though it is undefeated software for affiliate marketing the high cost at times makes the users think before taking the decision of any purchase. But not anymore, the most sought tool for keyword research; Long Tail Pro comes at an easily affordable discounted price.  If this makes you curious about the details here we spill the beans about Long TAIL Pro Discounts:

The earlier price of Long Tail Pro Platinum version was $25/month and a lifetime version comes for $397. But seeking the high demand of the software as a trusted keyword research tool, Spencer (the great man behind this great software) took the decision to change its pricing model.

The new price for this amazing software is $444per year; an increase of $47 on the previous price tag.

Here comes the good news for the users, recently the company also offered Long Tail Pro Discounts for its users.

So, what is the discount?? It is a massive $147 discount on Long Tail Pro Annual Plan. Compared to the old pricing of $37 per month the new price tag quotes $25 only.

The deal doesn’t end here!! The Long Tail Pro Discounts are raining this time as the Company offers you free access to the Long Tail University worth $ 197.

Isn’t that great? Two incredible and most sought software in less than half of their original price. You are saving more than $300 by grabbing this exciting offer.

If Long Tail Pro University sounds a little alien to you, Let us remove the air it is full video tutorial that teaches the effective way of performing keyword research. You will find some effective and result oriented strategies in this video. The techniques explained in Long Tail Pro University helps you in finding and exploiting long tail keywords in the search engines efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can it be used on Mac?

Yes, the owners offer you both Windows and Mac versions of this excellent tool.

Q: How long does it take to learn this tool?

This tool is very user-friendly, and it hardly takes 30 minutes to a user in learning this instrument. Also, there are many tutorial videos online that help the users learn it thoroughly.

  • What is the price it comes?

The old pricing of Long Tail Pro Platinum version was $37; however, after the Long Tail Pro Discounts, you can get this software for $24.7.

  • What else do I get with the subscription?

As of now, the Company offers you the access to Long Tail University (worth $197) when you get the subscription of this tool.


Long Tail Pro 3.0 is a software used for long tail keyword research. It has the incredible feature that allows carrying out substantial analysis on the keywords of your choice. There is no limitation of working with one or two at a time. It provides you with vast numbers of long tail keywords. This fantastic tool offers you the option to check your rankings at the same time!